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December 12th, 2018

Trevor Hutchinson | The Lindsay Avocate

he Kinmount and Area Food Bank will officially open to the public Dec. 13, serving 45 families.

According to Kinmount and Area Food Bank Chair Grace MacDonald, it will be open every other Thursday, based on a schedule that alternates with the Coboconk Food Bank and will “serve 45 families who were using either the Coboconk or Minden Food Bank,” says MacDonald.

MacDonald chairs a group of volunteers that have been working over the last year to open the much needed local resource. Finding local sponsors, a location that had a health board-certified kitchen and getting police checks completed were just some of the things that MacDonald and her committee had to accomplish in order to open. In the end the group decided on the Kinmount Baptist Church (4937 Monk Rd., Kinmount.)

“It is a great space for us,” says MacDonald. Adds Julie Wilkin, volunteer coordinator at the food bank, “The church is excited to further their outreach by housing the Kinmount and Area Food Bank.” While the food bank will be housed in the local church, it is a public initiative that will be run by and supported by the community.

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