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December 24th, 2018

Sue Tiffin | The Minden Times

In a display of perfect timing, on Dec. 11 as Heather Kirby of Kawartha Lakes Food Source was thanking representatives of the Minden Food Centre, the Kinmount Baptist Church, and numerous volunteers who collaborated together to open a new Kinmount and Area Food Bank, they were interrupted as a load of very welcome donations was dropped off at the front door.

“We’re very excited today to celebrate the community’s support that has come together to offer this food bank,” said Kirby. “Although we don’t want to celebrate the need that shows that there’s individuals out there that just sometimes don’t have enough, but what we want to celebrate is how the community [made it happen].”

The food bank, located at the Baptist Church at 4937 Monck Road, opened Dec. 13 and allows residents of Kinmount and surrounding rural communities access to closer support – the distance to the nearest food bank is currently over 20 kilometres away. It will operate two Thursdays of each month and welcomes community members as volunteers to help make food more accessible in the area.

“In the past this community has never had a food bank and it makes it very challenging for individuals in need to access food, having to travel to different food banks in different areas,” said Kirby. “Transportation is a challenge, sometimes you can’t afford a car, sometimes you can’t afford gas for your car, or insurance or to have it maintained, and that’s the largest barrier in the rural area within the City of Kawartha Lakes.”

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